What We Do

TEC-RI regularly returns many times the value of the annual dues in benefits to members, year in and year out. That's because we represent the financial interests of our membership at the major forums that determine energy policy and pricing for Rhode Island businesses. Electricity is the focus of much of the State’s energy policy and program initiatives and this has become a primary focus of TEC-RI.


EDUCATION: TEC-RI offers educational meetings for its members and provides individual assistance as needed.  Through the years the topics have changed, but the focus has always been to educate our members, so they are better prepared to conduct their energy purchasing. We sponsor forums and technical seminars on the State's renewable energy programs, on National Grid's energy efficiency programs and planning process and about ISO New England and the forward capacity market. In each of these educational meetings experts are brought in to present information and answer questions.


REPRESENTATION: TEC-RI works to educate program administrators, elected officials and policy makers and other stakeholders and interest groups about it's members position on the issues. We represent the interests of commercial and industrial customers on the following committees which shape energy policy and programs in the state and the region; 


(1) The Energy Efficiency Resource Management Council has become the single most important energy 

     policy/planning and approval body in the state. Shigeru Osada, a former Toray Energy Engineering

     Executive was TEC-RI's recommendation for the Commercial/Industrial position on the Board.

     (Governor's Raimondo Appointed Mr. Osada in June of 2015 and he was confirmed by the Senate

     for a 3 year term, which expires in 2018.


(2) The Advisory Council of the RI Renewable Energy Coordinating Board (presently not an active board)

     (RI Dept. of Administration Appointment)


(3) Ratepayer Advisory Board of the Low Income Energy Assistance Program Enhancement Plan.

     (Senate President Appointment/no current representation on the Board) 


(4) The Demand Side Management Collaborative develops the annual energy efficiency plan

     which decides how $100 million in ratepayer funds are to be used each year. TEC-RI, by virtue of it's

     purpose, is the invited stakeholder to represent large energy volume users interests 

     and our signature is required before the plan is submitted to the Public Utilities Commission.

     Janice McClaghnahan, a former Director of the Governor's Energy Office, who spent her career in

     energy policy matters, now represents TEC-RI on the Demand Side Management Collaborative. 


(5) The Distributed Generation Standard Contracts Board, determines ceiling prices for   

     renewable energy projects. TEC-RI recommended Bill Ferguson to the Governor for continued

     membership on the DG Board in 2015. He is along time energy policy and planning executive , as well

     as a former Executive Director of TEC-RI, who understands the minutia and details that this board

     deals with. (Governor Raimondo reappointed Mr. Ferguson for continuation on the board, with a new

     term beginning in 2015 and expiring in 2018. He also was confirmed by the Senate. 


(6)  Advisory Council for the Rhode Island State Energy Plan.

     (Appointment by the Commissioner of the Office of Energy Resources)


(7) Various committees of the regional system operator, ISO New England, which is responsible     

     for electricity reliability and regional transmission. Doug Gablinske, current TEC-RI ED, serves on the

     the ISO Consumer Liaison Group Coordinating Committee. He was nominated by the ISO CLG to fill

     the unexpired term of the previous TEC-RI ED. His term expired in 2016 and Doug was re-elected to

     a 2nd term in 2016. The CLG has input into decisions about ISO-NE policy and programs which effect        markets and transmission planning for the New England region.


(8) Comment on nearly every relevant case that comes before the Public Utilities Commission, and  

     intervene in important cases there as well, which can and have led to legal challenges in the courts,

     when our interests need to be heard in the judiciary.


(9) Regularly, provide expert testimony to the RI legislature when they consider key legislation that

     affects energy policy in Rhode Island. We also consult and advise the Governor's and legislative policy

     people of our positions.




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