Associate Membership


The TEC-RI Board of Directors adopted Associate Membership status in December of 2016. The following By-Law changes reflect the purpose, intent and privledges of Associate Membership.

Section 3. Associate Membership


3.1 Associate Membership in The Energy Council of Rhode Island shall be open to any business, whose purpose in business is related to the commercial energy field.   For example; energy brokers, energy consultants, manufacturers of energy efficient equipment, etc., that is supportive of the goals and policy’s that TEC-RI espouses, which generally can be summed up as “advocating for affordable energy prices and a robust supply of power in Rhode Island”. 

3.2 Purpose of Associate Members is to demonstrate their support of TEC-RI goals and activities, with the full understanding that the associate membership in no way influences TEC-RI goals and activities, however, some mutual interests are natural. 

3.3 Mutual Interests Associate Membership by businesses support of TEC-RI goals, no way implies the associate member is receiving special assistance or advocacy of their specific business goals, but it is recognized that those goals may naturally and coincidentally coincide. 

3.4 Associate Membership Acceptance must be approved or rejected by the Board and the Board will set associate membership fees yearly. The Board may terminate Associate Membership at any time, and for any reason and a prorated proportion of the membership fee will be returned to the Associate Member.

3.5 Benefits of Associate Members are, being invited to attend a special Member meeting and will be given first opportunity and discounted sponsorship fees of events.  TEC-RI will also offer a special event each year, which will allow the Associate Member an opportunity to socialize with TEC-RI members.  Associate members company names will be listed on the TEC-RI web site, as supporters of TEC-RI goals, activities and initiatives, unless specifically directed not to be included.

3.6 No Voting Rights are implied or granted to Associate Members.

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