Welcome to website of The Energy Council of Rhode Island (TEC-RI)

TEC-RI is a non-profit energy consortium comprised of manufacturers, businesses and institutions.  We operate on the dues paid by our members. TEC-RI was founded in the early 1980s.  

Our  mission is to achieve affordable  and reliable energy supplies in an environmentally sound manner.

We work with the state’s energy program administrators, policy makers, energy regulators and energy stakeholders to try to educate them about issues of concern to our members and make sure that programs are designed  and implemented in an economical manner.  In doing so, we strive to make sure that energy users and ratepayers get the largest possible benefit for the lowest possible cost.

TEC-RI is the only organization representing the energy interests of commercial, industrial and institutional customers at the State House or at the Public Utilities Commission. 

We also work with our members to help them understand the complex of energy programs and policies in order to help them cope with cost increases and to lower costs.  We do this through educational meetings and individual assistance.